News basics


News and Activity

News and Activity are essentially the pulse of your Jostle platform. This is where all the latest happenings with your organization will be announced and where people will go to see real-time updates posted by their colleagues.

News Articles appear as a series of tiles across this view. Clicking on any tile will open up that article so you can read it, email it or print it out.

The Activity feed appears on the left side of News. This is where anyone can share an Update or give a Shout-Out to a peer.


Reporters and Editors

System Administrators are responsible for choosing the right people to control the content in News—the Reporters and Editors. In turn, the Reporters and Editors are responsible for ensuring News is always an engaging, relevant, and vibrant component of your platform.

Below is a list of content in our Support Center that can help Reporters and Editors achieve these goals. Find the articles that relate to your News needs and dig right in!


Recommended articles

If you’re completely new here, then start with the News overview

If you’re ready to start creating some content for your News view, then Creating and managing News items is required reading.

System Administrators, Editors and Reporters can all find something of value in News: Best practices, which covers topics from building a vibrant News team to setting a content strategy to using an Editorial Calendar.


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