Who looks after what? (Levels of admins)


A quick look at the role of administrators in Jostle's platform



Multiple administrators

The best way to keep your employee platform well maintained is to divide up the work. Jostle makes it easy to set up administrative rights to specific parts of the platform. This allows you to enable your subject matter experts (SMEs) to look after their own content, without needing to bother anyone else.

The trick is to assign the right people to the right area. That way, instead of having one overall administrator spreading themselves too thin trying to manage multiple areas, each area can be assigned its own content owners - ones who are best suited to creating, organizing, and maintaining the type of content to be found there.


Administration levels and role

There are three levels of administrators, with the highest role being that of System Administrator.

System Administrators

Responsible for creating a sensible org-wide information architecture, for controlling user access, and syncing data with other enterprise systems.

View Owners

News Editors, Teams Category Admins, Category Librarians, Events Managers, Listings/Classifieds Managers 

Responsible for setting the high-level information architecture for an area/view and finding the right subject matter experts to own specific content within that area/view.

Content Owners

News Reporters, Teams Chart Admins, Volume Librarians, Events Creators, Listings/Classifieds Creators

Responsible for owning their content within an area/view, ensuring it stays current, organized, and relevant.


Learn more about managing administrators

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