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The best thing to do before diving into the Teams view is to get a better understanding of how it’s structured. For that, you should refer to the Teams overview (which can be followed up with Understanding Teams if you would would like to do a “deeper dive”).

In Teams, the Main Organization category is designed to house your complete top-to-bottom business structure, starting from CEO (or similar role) all the way down. Here’s what one "branch" of that structure might look like:



Org structures

Not sure how your organization is—or should be—structured? Creating org structures in Charts provides examples of the different types of organization structures that can be created in Teams.


Creating Charts

When you’re ready to start creating your Teams Charts, you’ve got two options: You can build them out manually, person by person, or you can import your existing org structure via CSV.

  • For the manual approach, Creating and Editing Charts in Teams, will be your most valuable resource.
  • The CSV process is explained in full in Importing org structures into Charts. This article includes the report-to template you'll need to use in this process (which can also be download at the end of this article).
  • If you're not familiar with working with CSV, you can download the Creating a Team (CSV import) file at the end of this article for a more basic walkthrough of this process.


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