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A quick introduction to News and Activity.

Refer to the content below the video for the most recent changes to News




News is where you keep up to date with what is happening in your organization. News items will appear chronologically as a series of tiles across this view, with red dots marking new content that you have not read yet.

Click on any tile to see its content, add a “Like”, or post a Comment.


News items include:

  • Articles
  • Photo Albums (with downloadable photos)
  • Polls  
  • And more, depending on the needs of your organization.

Some News items will be published to everyone in your organization. Others might be targeted to a specific location or team that you are a member of. Everything you see should be relevant to you.

Learn more about News here.



On the left side of the News view is Activity, a feed designed to capture the real-time happenings of your organization.

If enabled, in Activity you can:

  • Post an Update
  • Thank someone with a Shout-Out
  • Share an image
  • Celebrate a milestone

Click the Arrow icon to reply to a post or "Like" it with the Heart icon:



Activity works the same way on Mobile, but it is on its own page that you can switch to from News using the toggle at the bottom of the screen:



TIP—Activity is not a place for working conversations (save those for Direct Messages or Discussions).

Learn more about Activity here.

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