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A quick introduction to News and Activity.



News is where you keep up to date with what is happening in your organization. News items will appear chronologically as a series of tiles across this view. New, unread items will be indicated by a corner red dot while older unread items are marked by a corner grey dot. 

Click on any tile to see its content, add a “Like”, or post a Comment.


News items include:

  • Articles
  • Photo Albums (with downloadable photos)
  • Polls  
  • And more, depending on the needs of your organization.

Some News items will be published to everyone in your organization. Others might be targeted to a specific location or team that you are a member of. Everything you see should be relevant to you.

Learn more about News here.



On the left side of the News view is Activity, a feed designed to capture the real-time happenings of your organization.

If enabled, in Activity you can:

  • Post an Update
  • Thank someone with a Shout-Out
  • Share an image
  • Celebrate a milestone

Click the Arrow icon to reply to a post or "Like" it with the Heart icon:



Activity works the same way on Mobile, but it is on its own page that you can switch to from News using the toggle at the bottom of the screen:



TIP—Activity is not a place for working conversations (save those for Direct Messages or Discussions).

Learn more about Activity here.

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