Navigating and Searching


Learn your way around the platform and familiarize yourself with the different views in this quick video tutorial. Refer to the content below the video to see the most recent changes to the Main Navigation.



Main Navigation 

In the left-side column of the platform is the Main Navigation and it's your guide to getting around. Everywhere you need to go can be accessed from here.



Here's a quick guide:

  1. Main views (the sections of your intranet—some can be renamed by your org)
  2. Custom views (custom-set by your org, usually for frequently-used tools or services)
  3. Action Menus (click the three dots to see all available actions)
  •     Personal (Your Name) (access your Profile, Preferences, Log out)
  •      Help (access the Support Center, Assistance, System Status)
  •      Admin Settings (only visible for System Admins)



You can also search for anything in your intranet, from people to files to teams. Just look for the Magnifying glass icon at the top of most views to access the Search tool.



To learn more about the Main Navigation features, go here.

To learn more about Search, go here.

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