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Learn how to easily target content to the right audience using the List Selector.

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The List Selector is a tool that helps you publish any information to a target audience made up of specific Individuals, Groups and/or Intersections within your organization. An Intersection is a custom group you can create based on a combination of specific Locations, Org Units and/or Employee Types (Custom Filter)

The List Selector automatically appears whenever you:

  • Create a new Discussion
  • Edit collaborators on a task

Or when you select “A custom Group” as your target when you are:

  • Adding a link to Links
  • Creating a News or Listing item (News Admins only)
  • Uploading Library content (Library Admins only)
  • Creating an Invite list in Events (Events Admins only)


Using the List Selector


At the top of the List Selector you can type in the field provided to search for and add the following to your target audience:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Locations
  • Employee Types
  • Org Units

In the example below, the List Selector has been used to add Individuals (Vince, Brent, and Deborah) as well as a Team (Marketing).





If you need to target a very specific group of people, you can click the blue Add an Intersection link to create an Intersection by selecting components from the Locations, Org Units and Employee Types filters.

In the example below, the selected components are:

  • people in British Columbia (BC)
  • who are Contract Employees
  • in Operations

Combined, they create an Intersection that adds 6 people to the target audience.




No matter which method you use, the target audience you create will be dynamic. Meaning, if you have included the Marketing Team in your target audience, then if anyone joins or leaves Marketing, they will accordingly gain or lose access to that target content—automatically.

Once you target your content using List Selector, you never have to worry about updating users' permissions as they join or leave a component included in your target audience.

Learn about more features of the List Selector here.

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  • 0
    Danielle Thomas

    Is it possible to select multiple List Presets?  This would be super helpful as we do not use Org Units or Employee Types. Thanks!

  • 0
    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Danielle,

    Only one List Preset can be selected at a time, as selecting any additional one just overrides the previous one. However, even if you don't use Org Units or Employee Types, you can still use a combination of a List Preset plus Individuals, Teams, and Locations to widen your target audience.

    Of course, another option would be to create a "Master" List Preset that includes everyone from the multiple List Presets you would like to use together...but that could become quite challenging to create, depending on how big your current List Presets already are.



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