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File a Support Ticket

Do you require technical assistance or need to report a bug? Contact Support. If you're an Administrator or System Admin, you can contact Jostle Support in-platform via Help at the the bottom of the Main Navigation.

Contact Customer Success

Have questions about your account? Need to add more users? Want some tips on best practices? Contact Success.

Phone Support

Do you need to request a time to speak to one of our Support technicians? Schedule a Callback.

TIP—Gmail users, if the links above don't appear to work: open Gmail, click the "double diamond" icon in the address bar, and enable the option "Allow Gmail to open all email links".


Stay informed

We offer several ways for you and your organization to stay informed on the latest updates, upcoming changes, and newest features for your platform.

System Status Updates

All recent and upcoming platform software updates and scheduled maintenance periods can be found in the System Status section. Just click ?/Help at the bottom of the Main Navigation then go to Platform info > View System Status.

If you wish to be notified about these updates, click the blue Subscribe To Updates button in the upper right corner of the System Status page.

What’s Jostling

What’s Jostling is a newsletter sent out 2-6 times a year that rounds up all the significant new platform features and improvements that arrived in recent builds.

To subscribe, click the action menu icon (three dots) next to your name in the Main Navigation and select My Preferences. Then go to Emails and check off the box next to “Receive What’s Jostling”.

Release Notes 

For more regular updates (approx. every two weeks) our Release Notes blog highlights the key features of each release. It can be accessed by clicking ?/Help at the bottom of the Main Navigation and then going to Platform info > View Release Notes.

Our detailed Release Notes archive also provides you with a deeper dive into the key features of release prior to Spring 2020. 

Jostle Voice

Jostle Voice is a monthly newsletter designed to help organizations get the most of out of their platforms. Each month we share the latest platform-related news, tips, best practices, helpful resources, and more.

You can visit the newsletter archive and/or subscribe to the Jostle Voice here.

Customer Resource Blog

The Customer Resources blog (CRB) is a combined-content customer blog.

For all users, it's a repository for best practices, helpful tips, and general user information in regards to the Jostle platform and its features. Workplace issues are also covered, and both types of articles are specifically designed to be easily pulled into the News views of our customers' platforms (via the Web Article feature) so they can educate their users and/or keep the content in their News view fresh and relevant.

For admin-level users there are articles that contain more timely info about upcoming releases or new changes in the platform, as well as a nice helping of community-based articles where customers and Jostlers alike share their stories and experiences.

The CRB adds and updates its content on a regular basis. For further information go here


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  • -1
    Mariola Rodriguez

    I would like to op-out of the emails. please and thank you.

  • 0
    Clifton Dcruz

    how do i log into workday on my computer




  • 0
    Jostle Team

    Hi Clifton - you will need to contact your System Administrator for assistance with that. If you do not know who your System Admin is, you can contact with your name and the name of your employer and they should be able help you.



    Edited by Jostle Team
  • 0
    Luz Maldonado

    Can we have our loved one we lost here in Sunrise to the team members mentioned in memory of 💖. We lost Frank Sapnagis in 2019. Frankie fought a long painful fight but always had it in his head to return to Performant the moment he got better. We would like Frankie to be added to the memorial please.


    Thank You

    Team Sunrise :-)

  • 0
    Jostle Team

    Hi Luz,

    This is actually a technical assistance/how-to support forum for all Jostle customers and their users. For requests related specifically to the content in your company's intranet, the best thing to do would be to contact your intranet's System Administrator.

    To do this, click "Help" at the bottom of your intranet's Main Navigation and then click the blue "Contact your admin" button.



  • 0
    Phillip Lovato

    Having trouble clocking in and out .Today


  • 0
    Jostle Team

    Hi Phillip,

    This is a Support page providing contact info for customers needing assistance with their Jostle intranet. It sounds like you're having a problem with an issue that's specific to your company, so the thing to do would be to contact your company's intranet System Administrator.

    To do this, click "?/Help" at the bottom of your intranet's Main Navigation and then click the blue "Contact your admin" button.




  • 0
    Julia LaMont


    My name is Julia Lamont. I am a new hire on 5Tower ICU, on Jostle where do I go to review my paystubs.

    Thanks, Julia 


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