Reflect your structure, target your content


As you are configuring your Jostle® platform, you need to keep in mind the one thing that is essential for achieving an engaging and effective platform: Ensure that you are properly reflecting how your organization is structured.

Doing this will make it easy to target content to and start Discussions with exactly the right people, thereby keeping your platform relevant and secure for everyone. It also makes it easy to understand who is doing what, and how to find people via their Role, Location or Team.

The following three platform elements make it easy to dial up the right people, everytime.

  1. Teams view (your org chart, which can include flat teams, communities of practice, etc.)
  2. Filters (nominally Locations, Org Units and Employee Types)
  3. Badges (a visual indication of an employee attribute that shows on their thumbnail profile picture)

Teams view and Filters & Badges are explained more in their own sections of the Configuration Guides, but here's something to keep in mind:

Once they are set up, you can use your Filters in conjunction with the List Selector to properly target your content – sharing it with exactly the right group of people you need to - throughout the platform.

For example, you can use this method to publish a News item to only those people at your Toronto location. Or you can use it to restrict a Library Volume to only members of the Marketing Team. And as new employees get added to that Location or Org Unit they automatically gain access to that already-published content. These are all things that will help make for a relevant, engaging, and successful  experience for everyone – and it all starts with ensuring you configure your platform to be a true reflection of your organization.

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