Listings: Creating and managing content


NOTESystem Administrators can change the name of this view (via Admin Settings > Views and Functions > Manage Views and Options) so it may appear as "Listings", "Classifieds", or something entirely different in your platform's Main Navigation.

In Listings only Creators and Managers have permission to create and post ads and listings. 

Managers can also control Creator permissions and set Categories via the gear icon in the upper right corner of Listings.


Creating and managing content 

Table of contents

  1. Creating a listing
  2. Archiving and deleting listings
  3. Managing Categories


Creating a listing

1. In Listings, go to the action bar and click the "+" (Create New Item) button to open a New Item form (you may also be prompted to set your Terms and Conditions).



2. On the left side of the New Item form, enter the following information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Header images



3. And on the right side of the form, under Options, you can set your listing's:

  • Category (an organization can create and use up to 15 customized categories)
  • Visibility*
  • Expiration date (listing will expire at 12:00am on the date you select)
  • Commenting (on or off)

*If you don’t want your listing visible to everyone on your platform, then click the blue Edit button under “Visible to Everyone”. Here you can opt to create a Custom List of viewers by adding individuals or groups filtered by Locations, Teams, Employee Types or Org Units.

4. When you have finished filling in the form, scroll back up to the action bar and select Publish to post your listing (or you can choose to Preview, Save Draft, or Archive it)

4. To make any changes to a published listing, open the listing and click the Edit link on the far right.



Archiving and deleting listings


Archiving removes a listing from view, but doesn't delete it.

1. Hover over Manage in the action bar, and then select “Published” from the popover menu.

2. On the Published list, check the box next to the item(s) you want removed and then right click on the item and select "Archive" from the action menu.




Deleting permanently removes a listing.

1. Hover over Manage in the action bar and then select “Archived” from the popover menu

2. On the Archived list, check the box next to the item(s) you want removed and then right click on the item and select "Permanently Delete" from the Action menu.



Managing Categories 

Listings Managers can add custom-made categories to better suit and/or broaden the type of ads and listings that can be posted.  Learn more here.



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