Notification dots


Why notifications
Notification dots are here to draw your attention to content that is brand new (red dot) or content that was previously posted that you have not yet opened (grey dot). They let you see at-a-glance what content needs your attention.


Where they appear
Red notification dots appear in the Main Navigation next to News, Events, Discussions, or Events whenever there is a new item that you haven't viewed in one of these areas.  Once you have clicked into that view, items you are seeing for the first time will be marked with a red dot. (In Events, a red dot will also appear for an existing Event if it has had details changed).




Why don’t we show numbers
Showing the total number of unread items is a distraction from what is actually important, the messages you need to take action on: new and unread. These messages need to be as clear and simple to understand as possible.

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