Bulk importing overview


It’s possible to bulk import user data into your Jostle platform. This saves you the step of adding/editing accounts one by one and re-typing information that you have already created in other systems (such as: Active Directory or WorkDay). These are one-way syncs from your other system(s).

Note that when you delete users they will be removed from Charts in Teams view. When you add users, they will NOT be added to any team; you have to do this as a separate step after the users are added.

What kind of data can you import?

  • User data, including creating and deleting users
  • User photos
  • Teams structures

How can you do the import?

You have these options:

  • Within Jostle (manual bulk uploads via Admin Settings)
    • Add users (Admin Settings > User Data to/from Other Systems > Import Users CSV)
    • Edit user data (Admin Settings > User Data to/from Other Systems > Import Users CSV)
    • Delete users (Admin Settings > User Data to/from Other Systems > Delete Users CSV)
    • User photos (Admin Settings > User Accounts and Data > Upload/Download User Photos)
    • Team structures  (Admin Settings > Views and Functions > Import Chart into Teams)
  • SFTP (pushing uploads to a secure portal)
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