Targeting your content


The importance of targeting

Key to an engaging employee platform is ensuring that the right content is targeted at the right audience, rather than 'spamming' everything to everybody. This keeps things relevant for everyone and minimizes information clutter and noise. Even if your organization is transparent to the extreme, targeting is best because it helps people focus on the content that matters to them.

List Selector

A flexible List Selector can be used to for targeting content throughout the platform. This tool allows you to specify exactly the right group of people to publish content to. The List Selector is available when publishing or posting in News, Events, Discussions, or Library when the “Visible to: A custom group” option is selected. Using the List Selector, you can:

1. Target content to Individuals, Teams, Locations, Employee Types, or Org Units


2. Target content to an Intersection (using a combination of the Location, Org Unit, and Employee Type filters)


3. Or target an audience that is a combination of both.

Primary filters

The three primary filters that are used to make an Intersection are key to quickly targeting information to the right people throughout the Jostle platform:

  • Locations: You can set the Official Locations for your organization using a building/city/state/country hierarchy, which helps provide a variety of multi-location publishing options. Learn more about the Locations filter.
  • Org Units: Are defined by the structures created in Teams view and usually represent an organization’s departments. They are also dynamic, so if someone joins an Org Unit they will immediately get access to all content that has been previously published to that Org Unit. Learn more about Org Units.
  • Employee Type/Custom Filter: Employee Type is the default name for the Custom Filter, but it can be assigned any categories that you would like to target your organization’s content to. For example: Contract, Full Time, Part Time or Customer-Facing, Back-end, Administration or On-site, Remote. Learn more about the Custom Filter .

List Presets

When using the List Selector, System Administrators also have the option to name and save their frequently-used lists for future use. These lists can then be accessed in the "Visible to" section by anyone using List Selector. Learn more about  List Presets.

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