Which Jostle views to activate?


The Jostle® platform is organized into primary views that appear on the left sidebar of the user interface. Some of these views can be turned on/off for your entire organization. This can be done at any time, but early on it's useful to think through how you want to use the overall platform.

Views are turned on/off in Administration settings which can be found via the Admin Settings link in the lower left corner of the Jostle interface (next to the gear icon) and is only accessible by Jostle System Administrators. Click on Admin Settings and then go to Views and Functions > Manage Views and Options.

Best practice is to turn all views on, but the following views can be turned on/off as needed (for example, you may want to keep some areas hidden until after you've launched your platform and added all your people).

  • News
  • Event
  • Discussions
  • Library
  • Listings (aka Classifieds)
  • Links

NOTETeams and People must be left on.

There are some partial options for some of the views:

  • In News you can remove Activity (the left side of News, which appears as its own view on Mobile). We do not recommend this, even for very large organizations.*
  • In Discussions, you can either turn off Org-wide Discussions, or enable only a specific list of users to start Org-wide Discussions.*
  • In Teams, you can hide the Main Organization Chart.

*Email to learn more if you want to consider this.


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