Re-confirm and evaluate (for System Admins)



1. Confirm your content teams are making sense. Soon after your platform is live and content is routinely being published and shared, it is important to check with your News Editors, Events Managers and Librarians to confirm they are meeting the needs of your organization. If adjustments need to be made, you want to do this early on before too much content gets published. 

2. Determine your process for adding/removing users. When an employee is hired (or leaves), what will be your trigger to know to add (or remove) them from your Jostle platform? Is this something you would like to automate?

3. Map your employee data. Think through where your employee data resides today? Where should the master copy of various fields live? How should this be synced to/from your Jostle platform?

4. Help us improve things. Jostle's platform gets updated about twice a month. You can help us identify what needs to be fixed and our customers very much influence which features we add next. Go here to learn more about our development process and how you can participate in it. To stay posted on our frequent software improvements, click on the "?" lower left in your Jostle interface, select System Status, and subscribe to our updates.

Please email if you need help thinking any of these tasks.

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