4 ways to create anticipation for your launch


Like any great party, the best employee platform launches are ones that are anticipated. Here are four different approaches to build momentum for the big event...

1. The ‘What’s Coming?’ Approach

Nothing builds intrigue more than anticipation of the unknown. This means your launch team needs to be stealthy. No hint of a new solution, what it includes, or when it will launch. Think of your launch as a surprise party for the employees of your organization!

This is an effective and easy way to launch -- it reduces your pre-launch marketing period to just one week.

The countdown

You've been stealthily working to prepare your Jostle platform for launch - and it's ready. The week before launch day, start a count-down clock that anticipates the big event.

As the week-long countdown gets underway, start building intrigue. Let everyone know that a secretive cross-company team has been building something new (but don't reveal who). This is sure to generate buzz. 

Then, a day or so before the launch, shut down your old intranet or employee directory (if applicable). This builds the 'What's Coming Next?' anticipation considerably. You will want to keep this dramatic "no intranet" period short, so you don't cause too much disruption. But will anyone notice the old one is gone? :)

Have fun with this approach, create awareness, and keep employees up to date as the week-long count down builds anticipation. Tick, tick, tick.

First thing launch day you finally reveal who the launch team is (who your Culture Champions are). Share the party details and let everyone know that the launch team members are available all day, at locations across your company, to answer questions and help people get going. Thank everyone for being good sports! Keep the energy high and the mood light.

2. The ‘Sneak Peek’ Approach

Start building anticipation about your new Jostle platform gradually, with teaser emails that include screen shots of Jostle as it begins to reflect your organization.

The components for this approach are laid out below. Depending on your launch schedule, we suggest sending out one communication per week with a higher frequency as you get closer to the launch. Feel free to adjust this to suit your organization and rollout efforts.

The reveal

This approach involves building a sequence of communications (usually emails) leading to the launch. Start many weeks in advance and pick up your communication pace, as the launch gets close. Here's one such sequence that works:

1. Announce that you are about to implement a new employee experience using Jostle's platform. Link to

2. Announce who is on your launch team.

3. Then send a series of communications around specific problems/needs and a screen shot of the solution coming into shape on your Jostle platform. 

4. Along the way, announce the launch date. Then, later, the party plan.

In each of these communications, create enthusiasm! Share your excitement about bringing a new platform within the organization. You can also download the attachment at the end of this article if you want to use the Jostle logo in your communications.

Here are some specific template ideas that will help do the reveal about specific problems:


After you add your organization's User Profile pictures, take a screenshot of the People photo wall. Nothing will peak their curiosity more then seeing an image of themselves on your new platform!

Subject: "Sneak Peek - You are part of our new platform!"

Screenshot: People photo wall

Blurb: "Jostle’s People view will help you find expertise and learn about your coworkers at other locations."


As your News Reporters start publishing Articles, as well as Shout-Outs and Polls, the vibe of your organization will start coming into view. It's time to share a slice of your News view.

Subject: "Sneak Peek - Our News now!"

Screenshot: News view

Blurb: "Jostle's News view is the go-to place to see the latest news and successes from across our organization."


Once your basic structure has been defined, wow your employees with a screenshot of your organization's 'Extended View' in Teams (the View toggle is in the upper right corner). Zoom out to show the overall "shape" of your organization.

Subject: "Sneak Peek - Our Visual Org Chart in Jostle!"

Screenshot: Extended View in Teams

Blurb: "Jostle's Teams clarifies who is doing what, including cross-organizational teams and collaborations."

Choose a Library Volume that will interest most employees and open a folder to display the files (not folders). If possible, include a 'Recommended' document.
Subject: "Sneak Peek - Your Benefits Form has a New Home!"
Screenshot: Library, showing the referenced document as 'Recommended'
Blurb: "It's never been easier to find the current version of forms, key documents, budgets, and marketing materials."
3. The promotional launch video

Part of the magic of a Jostle platform is that it reflects who you are -- your culture and your people. What better way to promote your launch than with a video that does the same? Let your culture and personality shine through! 

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union sets a fine example of this, using funny videos to herald their new Jostle platform.

4. The ‘Event of the Year’ Approach

What is better than to throw your new platform a party! People in your organization may have different feelings about the introduction of a new platform. Promoting the launch event, in conjunction with sharing insights about the platform, will help to create a positive experience and generate buzz.

Whether you organize this as a lunch time pot luck or fully catered evening event, all that matters is you make it feel like a party. Think balloons!

Note that the 'countdown' approach outlined in the first section above works well combined with the 'party of the year' approach.

The Party

Whether your budget is big or small, here are some suggestions to ensure your party is a hit!

  1. Timeout: Ensure leadership communicates their support of the event so employees feel safe participating.
  2. CEO Message: Great opportunity for your CEO to engage with the employees of your organization about Jostle. This sends a very clear message to employees about Leadership's support behind the tool and also provides an opportunity for early questions to be answered.
  3. Music: Create atmosphere!
  4. Photos: Make sure to appoint someone to take photos at the party, you can later use these images to create an Album or Article (or both) in News!
  5. Decorations: Balloons, banners, colorful napkins...etc.
  6. Cake: Get your local grocery store or bakery to custom-make a "Jostle" cake.  Download the attachment below for samples of the Jostle logo to provide as a guide.
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