Setting up Events


Events view is designed to be your company calendar, where all the important, upcoming happenings are posted. When an Event is created, an invitation is sent out to all the invitees and it is added to the Events calendar.

Enabling Events
If "Events" does not appear in the left panel navigation, it is currently Disabled. System Administrators can set Events to any of these three states by going to Administration settings > Views and Functions > Manage Views and Options:

Disabled (Events is not visible or active to anyone)
Staging (Events is visible for Events Admins and System Administrators only)
Enabled (Events is visible to everyone)
Staging can be used to prepare Events prior to releasing it to your full user base.
Administration roles

If your organization has a social committee or special events coordinators, then those are the type of people you will want to consider for the following roles:

Events Creator

Events Creators are able to create new Events, including the ability to modify and delete only
events they created (role assigned by Events Manager). 

Events Manager

Events Managers are able to create and manage all Events items (including all Events Creators' items), edit Creator Groups, and hold overall responsibility for curating the Events view (role assigned by System Administrator).

System Admins can assign/remove themselves as Events Managers or edit Events settings via: 

  1. Select Events from the Main Navigation
  2. Then click on the action menu (three dots) in the top right corner.
  3. From the dropdown menu, elect Events Admins

NOTE—you must be an Events Manager if you wish to assign Events Creators or edit Creator Groups.


To learn more about the different types of administrators and how to assign them, go here

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