Using Categories in Discussions


The left navigation column in the Discussions view is where your Discussion Categories are listed. When you click on a Category, the column to the right of it will populate with all the Discussion within it. By default, the most recently-active Discussions will appear at the top of their lists.

There is also a Sort by option in the Action Bar that you can use to order your lists alphabetically, reverse alphabetically, or most-to-least recent.




 Category Navigation 

  • Discover  -  this is for Discoverable Discussions, which can be viewed and joined by anyone in your organization. 
  • My Discussions - under this heading will be all the Discussions that involve you.
  • All - this is where all Discussions from across all Categories will appear, as well as all Direct Messages.
  • Org-wide - these are Discussions that include everyone in your organization.
  • Direct Messages - this is where you’ll find your ongoing Direct Message (one-on-one) conversations.
  • My Categories - under this heading is where your custom made Categories and any Discussions you have assigned to them will appear.
  • Uncategorized - contains all Discussions that you have yet to assign to a specific Category. When you create a new Discussion, it automatically appears in "All" and "Uncategorized"




Clicking on any Category in the left column will populate the right column with a list of Discussions contained within that Category. The list in the Direct Messages category will display the name as well as the Profile pic of each DM partner.


Managing your Categories

If you click the blue "Edit" link that appears next to My Categories, it will open the Edit My Categories window. From here you can manage your Categories as follows:

To create a Category

  1. Click "Add Category" in the upper right corner.
  2. A "New Category" field will appear. Enter a name for your Category in that field and it will automatically appear under your My Categories heading.
  3. When you are finished, click the "X" in the right corner to close the Edit window

To edit a Category name, click directly in the name's field and type in your changes.

To change where a Category appears on your My Categories list, click-and-hold the up/down arrow icon to the right of the Category's name, then drag it to the new position you want it to appear in.

To remove a Category, click the “X” to the far right of the Category's name. After deleting a Category, all of the Discussions in that Category will be moved back into Uncategorized.



Recategorizing Discussions

There are two ways to move a Discussion to another Category: 

From the Action Bar:

  1. With the Discussion open, click on the Gear icon in the action bar.
  2. Click on "Set Category" from the drop down menu
  3. Select the Category you want the Discussion to appear in.




Drag and drop:

  1. Click-and-hold on a Discussion from the Discussion list.
  2. Drag it over the Category Name you want to move it to and release it once the Category Name appears outlined in green.

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    Am I missing the button to easily sort into private discussions and open discussions like before? or do I have to go organize them myself?

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