Contributor Profile status report (view & download)


In Contributor Profile status, System Admins can check who has their Profile information filled out and who doesn’t. To view and extract this information go to Administration settings > Bulk manage Contributor > Contributor Profile status.


On the Contributor profile status page you will find 3 sections: 

Profile information quick look

This first section will give you a quick overview of how much of your organization has their bio and optional contact info filled out.

The numbers under “Profile information quick look” are calculated based on all of your imported users, so in the example below, 3 users haven't put any information in their bios, and 8 users haven’t input any information into any of the optional fields under the Info tab.


Download report

The second section will give you a CSV file that contains: FirstName, LastName, username, Contributor section, Contact section, Location section and Bio tab. The values for “Contributor”, “Contact”, “Location”, and “Bio” will be “Yes” or “No”.

NOTE—the ‘yes’ only applies to contributor owned values. Please, check the manage profile fields page to know which they are (Administration settings > Contributor Profiles > Manage profile fields). 

Download biographies

This section will allow you to download all of your current biographies as text files named by user names. The text files will have the sections: Biography, Skills, Qualifications, Links, and Interests. Skills and Qualifications will be comma separated lists, Links will be each be on a separate line with the format: [label](link url).


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