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List Selector

List Selector is used throughout the Jostle® platform to target information at specific groups of employees. It is used to control the visibility of News items, Events, Discussions, and Library Volumes.

It can be used to create a target audience made up of specific people, groups and/or Intersections (custom groups you can create based on combinations of Locations, Org Units and Employee Types) within your organization.

NOTE—Employee Types is Custom Filter

This flexibility allows you to properly target information at exactly the right people and brings several advantages:

  • It reduces noise by only showing information to people it is relevant to.
  • It prevents people from getting confused by information that is not relevant to them. For example, you can publish a new safety standard to just engineers in Canada, not confusing US-based engineers, who it does not apply to.
  • It allows you to expose confidential information on a need-to-know basis.

List Selector will become available in these views under the following conditions:


When starting a new Discussion, it will be automatically available


On the New Article form, after you indicate for Visible To, "A custom Group"

On the News Admins screen, when assigning Reporters (News Editors only)


On the new Event form, after you indicate for Who is invited, "A custom Group"

On the Events Admins screen, when assigning Creators (Events Managers only)


On a Volume's i-menu, when you select "Edit visibility" and then select "A custom Group"


How List Selector works


At the top of the List Selector you can type in the field provided to search for specific Individuals, Teams, Locations, Employee Types or Org Units. You can do this multiple times to create an additive list. In the example below, three such search-and-add operations have already been completed to add the European Sales Team, Alina Nelson, and Susan Brown to the target audience.


In the example below, the user is now in the process of adding an Intersection to this invitation list by selecting the following components from the Locations, Org Units and Employee Types drop-down menus:

  • France (a Location)
  • Operations staff (an Org Unit) 

This will add just Operations Staff who have an Official Location in France to the list. Note that this intersection is dynamic – if a person joins/leaves this Intersection they will gain/lose access to the content published using this list selection.

NOTE—when you have a Team, Org Unit or Location added to the list, you can click Actions to convert this dynamic cluster into a list of the corresponding individuals. When you do this, the dynamic nature of the Team, Org Unit or Location is no longer maintained.


List Presets 

System Administrators have the option to save lists of frequently-targeted custom groups as List Presets and have them available for future use. These lists can be managed in People and can be accessed in the Visibility settings for items in News, Classifieds, and Library.


To create a new List Preset

  1. Click on People in the Main Navigation panel.
  2. Then in the action bar, click the gear icon on the far right and select "List Presets".
  3. To create a new List Preset, click the "+" in the upper left corner.
  4. Use the List Selector to create a custom list of Individuals, Teams, Locations, Org Units, and/or Employee Types.
  5. When you're done, go back up to the action bar and click Save.


Using & Editing List Presets

Click on the name of an existing List Preset from the column on the left to rename it, delete it, or edit its contents.

Editing a List Preset does not affect the view permissions of any items published to a previous version of that list.

You can add or remove individuals after you’ve selected a list, but you cannot add another List Preset – doing so will just override the previous list.

Once created, the new List Preset will appear in the "Visible to" section of the List Selector, on the Lists drop down menu.


If a user selects a List Preset, they will be able to click a View details link to confirm who is included on that list before they make it their target audience for the item they are creating.

Excluding External Contributors 

Another "Visible to" feature is the optional setting, "Do not include External Contributors".  When creating and saving these lists, checking off this option will allow for your targeted audience to include only those individuals who are an internal part of your organization.



List Selector Video

This short video shows the List Selector in action.


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