Types of Jostle administrators



In addition to the System Administrator, there are eight view-specific administrative roles in the Jostle platform (four Content Owners and four View Owners):

  • News Reporters and Editors
  • Events Creators and Managers
  • Library Volume and Category Librarians
  • Teams Chart and Category Administrators

By having multiple administrators, Jostle allows your organization to set up the responsibilities for maintaining your intranet in a granular way. This is most effective, as it allows for your organization to fill these multiple administrative roles with the people who are best suited to maintain the content for a specific area, rather than placing just one person as an overall administrator in charge of everything.

For the administrative permissions of each role, see below.




  • Add, edit, and remove their own News Items
  • View stats (on their own Items)
  • Export Social Sharing metrics


  • Add, edit, and remove their own News Items
  • Edit and remove any Reporter’s Items
  • Publish any Reporter’s drafts
  • View stats and export Social Sharing metrics
  • Integrate Twitter (Activity)
  • Control who can post Updates (Activity)
  • Export feed (Activity)
  • Manage all Classified Ads (Classifieds)




  • Add, edit, and delete their own Events


  • Add, edit, and delete their own Events
  • Edit or remove any Creator’s Events



Volume Librarians

  • Add files
  • Move files (within a Volume they are a Librarian for)
  • Edit Volume name and description
  • Export usasge stats
  • Download files to .zip

Category Librarians

  • Add Volumes
  • Assign Volume Librarians
  • Move Volumes (between Categories they are a Librarian for)
  • Edit Volume Visibility
  • Block downloading of Volumes



Chart Administrators

  • Edit Chart and Chart details
  • Enable “Add yourself” option
  • Enable “Down hierarchy” editing
  • Export Chart

Category Administrators

  • Create/delete Charts
  • Add/remove Chart Admins
  • Move Charts (between Categories they are the administrator for)
  • Edit Category details
  • Manage Category settings


NOTE—System Administrators can learn how to assign these roles here.

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