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System Administrators can extract and view engagement metrics to help understand the areas of their platform that are most commonly visited and the areas where opportunities for increased engagement may be possible.    

Engagement metrics report


The Engagement metrics report will provide you with a view-by-view summary of weekly activity (updated each Monday) based on unique login information

The data from each view that is available in the report can be found listed in the left column below. For those values with additional data available, their locations and permissions needed to access them will be listed in the corresponding right column.

To download this report, click the Admin Settings link at the bottom of the Main Navigation and then go to Analytics > Download Platform Metrics.

Contact your Customer Success Representative to book an Engagement metrics call if you have any questions.


Data fields

Value Additional Data 
Paid users (total slots in subscription package)

 Administration settings > Platform > View Account Information


Created users (total slots in subscription package with contributor profiles attached)

Unique Login % Last 7 Days  
Unique Login % Last 28 Days  
Mobile Unique Login % Last 7 Days  
Mobile Unique Login % Last 28 Days  
Invited users (Users with created profiles that have yet to log in)  Administration Settings > Analytics > View/Download Login Report
Activated users (Users with created profiles who have logged in at least once)  Administration Settings > Analytics > Download Login Status and Method
Unique Logins Last 7 Days  
Unique Logins Last 28 Days  
Mobile Unique Logins Last 7 Days  
Mobile Unique Logins Last 28 Days  
Regular News Items Posted News > Manage > Published 
> Download CSV (News Reporters can see data for their own Items, Editors can see data for all Items).
Regular News Items Viewed
Feature News Items Posted
Featured News Items Viewed
Updates With Shout Outs Posted News > Activity > Action Bar "Gear" icon > Export Activity feed
Updates With Shout Outs Liked
Updates With Shout Outs Replied To Count
Updates Posted  
Updates With Bonus Count This data is only available for organizations with Bonusly peer rewards integration.   
Updates With Bonuses Like Count
Updates With Bonuses Replied To Count
Profile Views  
Library Items Downloaded Library > Category > Volume > Popover menu > Export file (Librarians only)  
Library Items Viewed
Discussions Created  
Unique Users Added To Discussions  
Unique Users Posting To Discussions  


Engagement metrics graphics

In Administration Settings > Analytics > View Engagement Metrics you can see a graphic analysis of your employee's platform participation (login) metrics, showing their stats from the last 7 and 28 days and also how they compare with the median of all other Jostle platform users as well as just those of similar size and industry (NOTE—as engagement metrics will be tracked going forward, initially none of the metrics fields will be populated with data).




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  • 8
    Aine Abruscati

    Will Jostle offer the ability of an API so that we can use something like Adobe or Google Analytics to track more intuitive metrics about readership? The current report is not really helpful in assessing site traffic, content performance etc.

  • 2
    Dave Barnes

    Ditto... most other competitors have this feature :-)

  • 0
    Dave Barnes
  • 0
    Ashlee Hyden

    Can you specify the engagement metrics to show each unique contributor login and their individual involvement? We'd like to find out how much involvement and who is participating the most. 

  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    Unfortunately Ashlee providing per-user metrics like would violate our Privacy Policy.


  • 0
    Lis Strautins

    What happened to the export shout-outs function? 

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