Setting up Library (for System Admins)



System Administrators are responsible for enabling/disabling the Library view, including setting up the Volumes, who can view each Volume, and the Categories that organize the Volumes.

Each Volume has one or more Librarians who are responsible for its content. Librarians should view this article to learn about how to organize and maintain a Library Volume.

Table of contents:

  1. Tying Library to Google Drive (Google-integrated customers only)
  2. Enabling Library
  3. Setting up your Library structure
  4. Creating a Category
  5. Managing Category Librarians


1. Tying Library to Google Drive (Google-integrated customers only)

If you have subscribed to Jostle via the Google Workspace Marketplace you need to start by tying your Jostle Library to Google Drive. This allows Library files to be viewed directly in Google Drive, where permissions are locked down to match the visibility settings set in each Library Volume.

Activating this requires you to create an account in your Google for Work domain that will be used by Jostle to sync Library to Google Drive. Here's how:

  1. Create a Google user account in your Google domain that is named "jostle_librarian" (i.e. in the example below for the Google domain This user needs to be in the same Google organization unit that you have enabled the Jostle app for and needs to have the Jostle app turned on in Google.
  2. It is best if this jostle_librarian Google user is not added to your Jostle community, so they should be added to the import block list. Go to Administration Settings > User Data to/from Other Systems > Google Workspace Automation and click on Edit Block List to do this.
  3. Open Library, which will display the screen shown below. You need to decide if Library will reside in your Google domain (recommended) or in a Google domain belonging to Jostle. See the screen for further details about making and implementing this choice. Once you have everything prepared, Click Done? Initialize Library.


Jostle needs this account to keep Library up to date in Google Drive. It's important to NOT delete this user because the files in your Library will be lost as they are owned by this user. It is also important to maintain the administrative rights for this user as specified or Library may not function properly.


2. Enabling Library

If "Library" does not appear in the left panel navigation, it is currently Disabled. System Administrators can set Library to any of these three states by going to Administration Settings > Views and Functions > Manage Views and Options:

Disabled (Library is not visible or active to anyone)
Staging (Library is visible for Librarians and System Administrators only)
Enabled (Library is visible to everyone)
Staging can be used to prepare Library prior to releasing it to your full user base.

3. Setting up your Library structure

Your Jostle Library is organized into Categories, each of which can hold one or more Volumes. Each Volume has its own:

  • Clear ownership (an identified Librarian or team of Librarians),
  • Structure of files and folders (set up by the Volume's Librarian), and
  • Visibility permissions (that apply to all the files in the Volume).

As a System Administrator, you assign the Librarians and set the visibility permissions for each Volume. You also define the overall Category/Volume structure -- take some time to think through what will work best for your organization and users across your organization. Some of the many possibilities are:


  Category Volumes
By Department Human Resources Hiring Guidelines, Benefits Forms
  Marketing Promotional Materials, Style Guides
By Content Type Internal Analyst Reports, Performance Reviews
  External FAQs, Reference Guides
By Year 2016 January, February



NOTE - System Administrators see all Categories. Other users only see the Categories that include a Volume that they can see.

For more on Library structure along with some tips and best practices, see this article


4. Creating a Category

To create a new Category:

  1. Click on Library in the Main Navigation
  2. Go to the left column and click Browse 
  3. At the top of the column, click the gear icon and then select "Manage Org Categories"
  4. On the Edit Org Categories modal, click the "+" to add a slot for a new Category
  5. After you've entered a name for your Category, click the Done button to exit the modal


NOTE—in the modal, you can also select the arrow icon to the right of a title to change the placement of your Category, or the “x” to delete the Category.


5. Managing Category Librarians

By default, System Admins are made Category Librarians for any Category they create. Category Librarians can create Volumes and assign Volume Librarians (learn more here).To remove yourself and/or add additional Category Librarians:

  1. In Library, click on a Category and hover over its i-icon.
  2. On the i-menu go down to SysAdmin Actions and select “Edit Category Librarians”
  3. Use the List Selector to locate who you want to make a Category Librarian (this can be an individual person, a Team, or a combination of both)
  4. To remove someone as a Category Librarian, open the “Actions” menu that appears to the right of their name in the List Selector and select “Remove”.
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