Launch day Jostlers!


A great way to help ensure a smooth launch, is to enlist a group of Culture Champions who can add enthusiasm, share insights, help guide people through the change, and be available to answer any questions your employees might have. This group of Jostlers (big or small) should be easily identifiable on the day of your launch.

Here are some ideas they can have fun with:

  • Decorate their office space / desk. 
  • Have your Jostler's share an Update in Activity to quickly communicate their role to employees "Have questions about Jostle? I'm here to help!"
  • Wear it! Making t-shirts for your Jostler launch team is inexpensive and very effective in creating visibility.
  • Dealing with multiple office locations, or external workers that lack access to technology? Consider a screen share demonstration to address the needs of these groups, or perhaps take your Jostlers on the road for a more hands-on introduction.
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