Changing your account notification email addresses


To manage the email addresses that receive your Jostle account notifications, click the Admin Settings link in the Main Navigation and go to  Administration Settings > Platform > Route Account Notifications.

There are three types of account notifications that need to be assigned contacts:

User invitations

This name and email will be used for invitation emails as well as be the primary contact for login help before a user has successfully accepted the invitation and logged in for the first time. NOTEThe default (and recommended) setting here is the first one ("Use the name of the System Admin performing the invite"), but you can pull up a field to enter a different contact by selecting the second option.

User requests

The address(es) entered here will receive user requests from within the platform (eg. via "Contact your admin" in Help) and requests generated when an activated user has trouble logging in.

Subscription and billing

The address(es) entered here will receive account subscription and billing notifications from Jostle Corporation.


Once you have added/removed/updated the contact information in the notification fields, scroll down and click the SAVE button.


  • For reference when filling out these fields, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to see a list of the names and email addresses of all your org's current System Administrators.
  • If you are entering multiple addresses in one of the fields, separate each with a comma, but no space. For example:,


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