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If you’d like to make your employee platform more reflective of your organization, one of the best ways to do so is to add your brand.

In Administration settings > Platform > Brand Your Platform, the following three customization options* are available to System Administrators:


1. Platform Name and Logo

Here you can brand your Jostle platform with a unique name, which will appear in the headers of notifications and your weekly Digest. Upload your organization’s logo, and it will also appear in these headers as well as at the top of the Main Navigation.

  • To update your platform's name, enter it in the text field under Platform name
  • To add your logo, go to Your Logo and use the Choose file button to select and upload your logo.


NOTE—your logo must be in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF or BMP format. For best results, your logo should be on a transparent background and be no larger than 248 x 248 pixels.


2. Main Navigation and Activity Icons

Here you can select the colors to be used for:

  • Main Navigation background
  • Main Navigation text
  • Main Navigation active/hover (selected view/highlighted text)
  • Activity icons (Shout-out, Birthday, Anniversary)

To set the color for a feature you’ll need to enter that color’s Hex code in the appropriate text field. For example, the shade of blue in the image below is set by entering “#166EBD”. You can use this Hex code guide for reference.



3. Actions and Sub-navs

Here you can select the color to be used for:

  • Text that is hovered over in the Action Bar (the bar the runs atop most pages of the platform).
  • Selected text in the Sub-navigation menus (the left navigation menus within a view like Teams or Library).


As above, enter the relevant Hex code in the text field provided to set your color.


When you are satisfied with all your selections, click the Save changes button. If you want to reset your changes and start over, select the Reset to default button.

*NOTE—Organizations that have already customized their platform using our Premium Brandification service will only see the options to change their name and logo on the Brand Your Platform page and won't be able to reset their colors. Due to the different parameters used for Premium Brandification, these organizations will be prompted to contact Jostle directly if they wish to make any style changes to their current layout:



Branded login page

For organizations that have added their brand, these settings will also be used to create a branded login page as follows:

  • Orgs that have a sub-domain URL (i.e. "https://<yoursubdomain>") will see their branding automatically applied to their login page.
  • Orgs without a sub-domain URL will only see their branded login page after an initial login to retrieve their org info.



TIP: For resetting the login page background for white logos, see below:

The default background color for the login page is white, but it will pick up whatever color you set for your Main Navigation. If you aren't going to customize the Main Nav color and you have a white logo, follow these steps so it can be seen on the login page.

  1. Replace the existing/default color code in the Main Nav background field with any other color code so that the sample image displays the new color (the Save changes box at the bottom should also light up).
  2. Then re-enter the default color code (#232323) so the sample image switches back to the original.
  3. Scroll down and click Save changes.

By setting and re-saving the Main Navigation color, it will be picked up for the login page and your white logo will be displayed against a charcoal background, just like in the Main Navigation.



  • Customers that make changes to their current brandifcation settings will have to wait up to 24 hours for the changes to be applied to their login page.
  • Customers using the feature for the first time will also have to wait up to 24 hours for their changes to be applied to their login page.
  • Customers who don't save cookies will need to have a sub-domain URL in order to have a branded login page.
  • Customers with Premium Brandification will need to contact Support to have their branding applied to their login page.


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