Links: setting up your Personal Links


The Links (aka More)* view is your organization's "links repository". There you'll find sections for Shortcut Links and Org-Wide Links (which are both set by the System Administrator). The third section is for Personal Links, which you can set as follows:

To add or remove Personal Links

1. Select LINKS from the Main Navigation

2. Scroll up to the Action Bar and click Edit Links (or scroll down to Personal Links and click "Add Links") 


3. Now, on the Menu Items screen, scroll down to Personal links to add or edit your links.

4. Once you're done, click Save.


NOTE—content and websites can only be embedded provided the URL starts with "https" and the site permits iframe embedding.

*System Administrators can set the name of this view to appear in your intranet's Main Navigation as LINKS, MORE, or a custom name.  

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    Jenn Frechette-Caron

    Are there size requirements for the embedded links on the MORE page?


    I have all the right url information, however still not enabling the embedded box, wondering if the size is the reason?


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    Brad Palmer

    Hi Jenn,

    There is no size limit, but the destination you are linking to needs to permit embedding. Some sites block this. If the embed checkbox is disabled, that will be the reason.


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    David Nelson

    Hi Jostle,

    We are looking at embedding a Tableau Dashboard.Story into Jostle as a way of sharing/organizing information within our organization.

    Tableau provides a URL to embed our dashboard. However, pasting this URL into the 'New Web Address' textbox and clicking the 'Is Embedded' creates and embedded link in Jostle that does not load. After editing the the Jostle link so that "Is Embedded" was unchecked, the link to the Tableau Dashboard successfully opens in a new tab.

    Does Jostle support JavaScript in it's embedded links? Or would it be possible to pass html such as a <script> and <div> tags directly Jostle?

    Your help is answering these question would be much appreciated!




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    Brad Palmer


    There are a couple of reasons that a page will not embed into More. One is that the target page itself prohibits it or the page requires same org access which is a security issue, The second category is that the page contains scripts and active elements which again can be considered security issues. Opening in a new tab is usually the best approach.

    I am not sure what you mean by passing html directly to Jostle. I suggest you provide some more detail on you idea but send it to where we can iterate on the reply.



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