Converting password-authenticated users to SSO


So you've just configured your Jostle® platform to integrate with your SSO platform, or you're considering doing this, and want to know how users are converted from a Jostle-managed password to the SSO authentication.  Here's how:

We recommend first converting or creating a small portion of users initially to validate, followed by the larger group.

Convert an existing user to SSO via:

  1. Click the Gear icon and go to Administration Settings > Contributor Configuration > Edit/delete Contributors
  2. Search for the desired user, and click the "EDIT" link by their name.
  3. Near the bottom of their Edit page, select "SSO" under "Login Authentication method".
  4. Click the "Save changes & invite now" link (rather than the Save changes button).

 Converting the rest of the users:

  1. Extract a copy of your full user list via Administration Settings > Bulk manage Contributors > Extract/manage all Contributor data. This gives you a CSV file which opens in any spreadsheet editor.
  2. Delete rows for any users you do not want to re-invite.  These users will remain unmodified in Jostle.
  3. Add a column to the CSV, "InviteForAuthenticationMethod" and list "SSO" in each user's row to be converted.  Note that some versions of Excel will attempt to re-format the BirthDate and HireDate columns, which can cause import errors.  To avoid these errors, you can delete those columns from the CSV, the import will skip those missing sections and retain the previously-entered data.
  4. Import the updated spreadsheet via Administration Settings > Bulk manage Contributors > Import Contributors > Jostle Contributors template > Choose file & upload.
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