Planning Events (for Events Creators and Managers)


Jostle provides a number of tools and ways to help you create, collaborate and organize the perfect event! Including:

Add your planning committee to Teams:

  • Teams > Working Groups & Clubs (Create your team here)
  • Populate your team's Profile

Utilize Discussions to set up a chat with your event planning / social committee:

  • Share links, documents and collaborate on ideas
  • Add decision makers to the chat when/if necessary and easily provide any documentation needed for sign off

(Using a Discussion allows you to keep all of your communication, event ideas, information, links, and attachments all in one place, and lets you avoid hard-to-manage email threads)

Create Polls in News to get feedback on:

  • Event dates and/or times
  • Food preferences
  • Locations and/or themes

Get the word out to everyone

  • Use the "Must-see" notification feature when creating your Event to deliver invites directly to everyone's inbox.

Promote your Event with an Article in News:

  • "Feature and pin" your Article 
  • If you are using an external invite app (ex. Evite), add a link to the invitation right in the Article.
  • Add photos of the venue, theme, food, or perhaps a couple of shots from the same event in previous years (ex. annual holiday party).

Download the guest list

  • For a quick reference, you can download a CSV file that gives the RSVP status of all invitees. To do this, just open the Event details for your Event and then click the "Download guestlist" link that appears next to the RSVP tracker.



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