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Google Workspace automation closely integrates your Jostle platform with your Google for work. It will allow you to set up a couple of different processes such as automatic import of new users and sync user metadata.

(NOTE—users cannot be removed via auto sync. If a user is removed from Google, that user will still have to be manually removed from your platform via Administration Settings > User Accounts and Data > Edit, Invite, Disable Users)

You can set up your automations by clicking Admin Settings in the Main Navigation and then going to User Data to/from Other Systems > Google Workspace automation.

Setting up automatic import
The first section of this page allows you to set up Automatic import of new users. Clicking the checkbox labeled "Automatically import new users (every 24h)*" will turn this feature on, once the feature is enabled you have the option to exclude specific users using your block list, and to automatically invite every new person that gets imported.

Automatic import options


Setting up sync metadata
The second section titled "Sync user metadata" will allow you to sync user metadata (things like: phone numbers, personal email addresses etc.) between Jostle and Google. You can choose either Google or Jostle as the master for this sync process.

You should choose the master based on where you will be managing your data, for example if your employees keep their Jostle information up to date you should choose Jostle as the master. If you have chosen Jostle as the master and delete a user in Jostle all the data will remain on the Google side.

Sync metadata settings

Once you have made your selection and saved your settings we will run a sync to get everything up to date. If you have chosen Google as the master it will sync every 24h based on the schedule described at the bottom of the “Google Workspace automation” page. If Jostle is your master copy then the sync happens in real time each time a data change happens on the Jostle side.

Once you have made all the updates you need to make you need to save your changes at the bottom of the page.


We map specific Google Workspace Profile fields to Jostle Profile fields, and the table below shows which fields map. All of these fields are what we classify as "metadata".

(NOTE—First Name and Last Name do not appear in this table because that information is synced from Workspace User Data, not Workspace Profiles. Only Workspace Profile fields are mappable to Jostle Profile fields).

Jostle field Google field
Org Name1 Work Organization Name1
Custom Filter Category2 Work Organization Department2
Primary Role3 Work Organization Job Title3
Work Email Work Email
Work Phone Work Phone
Work Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Work Messaging Label & Work Messaging Id Other IM Protocol and IM
Profile photo4 Profile photo4
Home Phone5 Home Phone5
Personal Email5 Home Email5
Personal Mobile Phone5 custom phone label “Personal Mobile”5
Work Address6 Work Address6

1 For Org Name we will only sync from Jostle to Google if the Org Name in Jostle is not the domain name.

2 We will sync your Jostle “Custom filter category” to the Google “Work Organization Department”, this field will only sync from Jostle to Google. If you are using your Jostle Custom filter category for something other than department this could lead to some unexpected values in your Google Contact Profile “Work Organization Department” field.

3 Jostle uses Primary Role to draw Teams view and in various other places around our platform, because of this we need to be very careful that it is only changed in Jostle so we only sync to Work Organization Job Title from Jostle to Google.

4 Jostle only has access to a very low resolution version of your Google profile photos so we only import photos to Jostle from Google if there is no existing profile photo.

5 For “Home Phone”, “Personal Email” and “Personal Mobile Phone” blanks overwrite doesn’t apply if Jostle is the master, they will always be based on the “PERMISSIONS” as can be set in the profile. For example if the “PERMISSIONS” of one of the personal fields is set to “Direct relations” or “Nobody” the value in Google will be deleted.

5 If Google is the master for “Home Phone”, “Home Email”, and custom phone label “Personal Mobile”, blanks overwrite will apply and everything will sync as anything in Google Directory is assumed to be public.

6 Because of the way Jostle handles and uses locations “Work Address” will sync from Jostle to Google only.

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