Configuring Google Workspace for Jostle


The following settings are required for Jostle to integrate with Google Workspace.  If your IT policies preclude these settings, Jostle also offers a non-Google-integrated version. E-mail us at to get started.


If your organization would like to use a Google-integrated Jostle instance, you can sign up via the Google Workspace Marketplace.  There are a few settings you'll need to configure in your Administrator's panel for Workspace via

1. Enable the Workspace APISecurity > API controls > App access control > Find Jostle app > Access = Trusted                             

2. Go to Users > Your name  and then scroll down to Admin roles and privileges  

  • Under Roles verify that your account has the right access level to install Jostle (User Management Admin or Super Admin AND Groups Admin)
  • If you do not have the required roles, click anywhere in the Admin roles and privileges box to open the selection screen and then enable the Assigned state setting for the needed Admin roles.


3. Create your Jostle Librarian: Users > Create new (top-right corner)

  • Create a user account as ‘’—don’t worry about setting a password, we will access this user via the API

After installing Jostle to your Google Workspace account

You may wish to verify that Jostle was installed correctly. Here are the additional settings that become visible after installing Jostle for Workspace.

Verify that Jostle can access data in your domain

  • Go to Marketplace Apps > Jostle intranet > Data access and make sure Data access says Granted (if not, click there to authorize access).

Verify that Jostle is turned on  

  • Go to Marketplace Apps > Jostle intranet and across from the Jostle logo on the right side, make sure it says ON for everyone (your entire domain) or ON for some (if there are any subdomains you wish to exclude). If it says OFF, Jostle will not function correctly, so switch this to an  ‘ON’ option via the action menu to the far right.

Google Workplace status

The Jostle application needs to be enabled (Status = ‘ON for everyone’ or 'ON for some') in the admin console) in your organization in order for anyone to access Jostle for setup and configuration. As an administrator during setup, you do not need to worry about everyone having access as users can not log in to Jostle without being invited by you from within Jostle. After you finish the setup you will need to activate and invite them. You can refer to this article for more details on activating users.

When Jostle is turned off in the Google Admin Console, any users (including administrators) will be deactivated and will need to be re-invited before they can access Jostle. In such a case, administrators may be locked out of Jostle and require assistance from support to re-enable their access.

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