Extracting, managing, & updating user data


Once all your users have been created, you can extract your user data in a way that allows to easily make bulk updates and is also a good way to keep backup documentation of all your employee data. 

This data does not include user Profile information, which can be extracted in the user Profile completion report.


Step 1: Click Admin Settings at the bottom of the Main Navigation and then go to User Data to/from Other Systems > Extract/Manage All User Data (CSV)

Step 2: Click the Extract & manage user data button. This will initiate a download of a CSV file.


Step 3: Open the CSV file with any spreadsheet editing software (i.e. Excel). You can now edit/update any field of user data EXCEPT for the Username (doing so will end up creating a whole new user. System Admins can update an individual user's Work email/Username by editing their Profile). Once your editing is complete, you can save your CSV file as a backup record.

NOTEif you're manually adding a Location/Org to your extracted data that includes a "|" (eg. "Main|HQ"), then the "|" must be prefaced with a "\" (eg. "Main\|HQ"). If not, when you re-import the data, it will create two separate Locations ("Main" and "HQ"), instead of one ("Main|HQ").

Step 4: Go back to the Extract/manage screen. Click the Choose file button to browse to your saved CSV file, select it and then Upload your updated user data. 


TIP: You can update specific user fields via the "Extract/manage all user data" screen using a CSV file that includes only the Username field and the field(s) you want to update. You don't need to use a form that includes every available field.

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    Aaron Kitto

    Hi - anyway of extracting all the data including data like Bios and Role and Tags?

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    Brad Palmer


    Sorry for the slow reply. I am afraid at present we cannot extract this data, however it is on our road map. It would be great to know how many people fell a need for this.


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