Enabling views & features


System Administrators have the ability to enable/disable certain views or certain elements of views from within Jostle. Disabling views can be beneficial if your organization wants to stagger the roll-out of their intranet's features to all users.

Staging mode disables a view for all but the System Administrator and that view's Administrators. It's useful for when your organization is ready to launch your intranet, but wants some extra time to build up the content available in a particular view before presenting it to all users. 

To enable/disable main views

1. Click the Admin Settings link in the Main Navigation and then go to Views and functions > Enable views and features

2. Toggle the settings for the views you want to enable/disable (NOTE—the People and Teams views cannot be disabled)

3. Scroll down and click Save



Tip: The Enable views and features page is also where you can rename the Classifieds (Listings) and Links views to custom names of your own choosing.

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