Adding users without email addresses


It's always recommended that you provide a real email address for each user to ensure optimal functionality with their account.  However, we understand that there will be situations where this is not possible. Here's how to get those users Jostling:

This method works either via the user CSV import, or by manually creating users in Administration Settings > User Accounts and Data.

  1. For Username enter a person’s Jostle login name (something like works well)
  2. For WorkEmail enter (or similar) for all of these users.
  3. Create the '' email account and put an automatic reply on it so when people inadvertently email to it they know what is going on.
  4. Activate these users in Jostle.
  5. Each user's activation email will then be sent to
  6. Open each email and follow the steps provided to activate and create passwords for each account.
  7. Keep track of these details and give them to each user so they can sign in on their own and reset their passwords.

To ensure that each user can receive Jostle notifications and emails to their personal email address, ask them to:

  • Access their Profile by clicking the avatar image at the bottom of the Main Navigation.
  • Then click Edit in the top right corner.
  • Enter their personal email address in the Email (personal) field.
  • If they wish, set the visibility of their email to "Nobody" so that it does not display for other users in their Profile.
  • Set the personal email to "Make Preferred" so they can begin receiving Jostle notifications. 

NOTE—if you enable the Google sync feature, this may change the data in email fields.

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