Using a custom domain name


Jostle allows you to create a CNAME redirect to our application.  This allows you to create a custom URL to give out to your users.

If you would like to have this set up, please follow these steps 

1.  Set up a CNAME redirect from to

2.  Send an email to with the following:

  • your new domain
  • confirmation that you have set up a CNAME redirect on your end

Please allow up to two weeks for this to be implemented. Our support team will be in contact with you once a date has been confirmed for the change to be in effect.

Limitations to this approach

  • CNAMES don't redirect HTTPS.  This simply means your users will enter into their browser's address bar instead of  Once the request reaches our servers we redirect it to a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Once your users log into Jostle the address reflected in the browser address bar will be our standard platform URL.


Jostle can create a sub-domain that will appear in your browser’s address bar after logging in.  It will be in the format of If you have setup a CNAME then the sub-domain will need to be different from that.

It can be done the same day as the request. Please let know if you’d like to create a sub-domain and what you’d like it to be, remember it needs to end in

  • For new customers, a sub-domain will be automatically created for you upon your instance creation, but if you’d like to change it, please let us know.
  • For existing customers, if you’d like to add a sub-domain, please email and let them know what you’d want it to be.

Please note this will break any existing internal links within’ your Jostle instance.  We will be able to update majority of the internal links to include the new sub-domain, but any internal links sent externally will need to be resent (ie. Invitation emails).


If you have any further questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support.

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    Claude M Landry

    It will be nice to use our own domain name as a permanent URL. Not just as a redirection to your URL.

    Alternatively, we should be able to have our company name as the hostname or your URL:


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    Daniel Proebsting

    You can specify this on the server that your website is hosted from. Hope that helps.

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    Indy Nagpal

    @Daniel... I am not sure what you mean in your comment above.

    Currently our Jostle URL reads something like:

    We'd like it to be:

    Is it possible to do that? If so, how?

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