Using a custom domain name


Jostle allows you to create a CNAME redirect to our application.  This allows you to create a custom URL to give out to your users.  

If you would like to have this set up, please follow these steps 

1.  Set up a CNAME redirect from to <region>

<region> is determined by the URL you use to access Jostle already -,,, etc.

2.  Ensure that your domain includes a subdomain (eg.

3.  Send an email to with the following:

  • your new domain
  • confirmation that you have set up a CNAME redirect on your end

Please allow up to two weeks for this to be implemented. Our support team will be in contact with you once a date has been confirmed for the change to be in effect.

Limitations to this approach

  • CNAMES don't redirect HTTPS.  This simply means your users will enter into their browser's address bar instead of  Once the request reaches our servers we redirect it to a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Once your users log into Jostle the address reflected in the browser address bar will be our standard platform URL.
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    Claude M Landry

    It will be nice to use our own domain name as a permanent URL. Not just as a redirection to your URL.

    Alternatively, we should be able to have our company name as the hostname or your URL:


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    Daniel Proebsting

    You can specify this on the server that your website is hosted from. Hope that helps.

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