Editing users


A user's first and last name and work email address are the only Profile fields that are organization-owned only, meaning only a System Administrator can edit it. A number of other fields can be set to either user-owned or organization-owned (see here for more details).

Sometimes you'll need to change the work email address or other organization-owned fields on behalf of your users.  For example, if a recently-married user has a new last name they now go by and/or they have a personalized email address that was updated to reflect such changes.


To edit a user's Profile


  1. Click the Admin Settings link in the Main Navigation then go to User Accounts and Data > Edit, Invite, Disable Users
  2. Enter all or part of the user's name in the available field and click Search
  3. Find the user and click the EDIT link next to their name 
  4. Make the needed changes to the appropriate fields and:
  • if your updates included changing the user's email address, click Save changes in the top right corner and then Send Invite to the get the new email activated. 
  • if your updates did not include changing the email address, just click the Save changes box.



NOTE—Work Email and Username are two separate fields, but it is still recommended that a user's work email address also be used as their Username, which can be indicated using the checkbox shown below.


Editing multiple profiles

If you need to make changes to multiple contributors and the above method will be too time consuming, you can also choose to make changes in bulk.

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  • 0
    Emma Charlton

    How do you move an employee from one department to another department as they change job role/line management?

  • 0
    Niamh Gray (NGRA)

    We were hoping to find out the answer to this too

  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    Hi Niamh.

    Employees can be categorized via the Custom Filter, which some customers use for Departments.

    Or they can be assigned Roles in the structures in TEAMS. And once in TEAMS, they can be part of one or more Org Units.

    When an employee leaves, his Roles stay in place, often to be filled by his replacement. It's normal for employees to fill multiple Roles.

    Please visit this part of the Forum to learn more about Filters:

    And this part to learn about utilizing TEAMS view:


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    Kendal Kelleher

    one of our employee's managed to change the profile picture for another staff.  What gives the employee/contributor rights to do this?  

  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    Those designated as System Admins can import and edit Contributor data, including in Profiles. If you need to investigate this further Kendal, please email and we will look after you.


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