Resetting passwords


You have several options for resetting user passwords

Forgotten password: User self-reset

If a user has forgotten their password, the quickest and best solution is for them to click Forgot your Password? on the login screen (which you can point them to via this link:  Further details can be found here


Administrative reset


If you have a security issue that requires someone update their current password, you can push this through as follows:

  1. Go to Administration settings > Contributor configuration > Edit/delete Contributors,
  2. Search for the Contributor and then click EDIT next to their name
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of their Contributor Profile and click the "Reset Password" link found at the very bottom.

This will prompt the user to reset their password on their next login.

NOTE—this method requires the user to enter their old password before entering a new one, so it should not be used for someone who has forgotten their password.




For Everyone

If you have an issue that requires all users update their passwords, go to Administration settings > Platform > Login settings and click the "Reset passwords" link found at the bottom of the screen. Again, this feature will require that users enter their old password first.




Administrative actions

In Jostle, you can choose to enforce strong passwords, as well as have users change their passwords after a certain number of days. To do this:

  1. Go to  Administration settings > Platform > Login Settings
  2. Scroll down to Password settings
  3. Enter and/or enable your settings then click SAVE

Additionally, if you suspect there is a security issue with any specific Contributors you can disable their login as follows:

  1. Go to Administration settings > Contributor configuration > Edit/delete Contributors 
  2. Search for the Contributor and then click EDIT next to their name
  3. Scroll down and check/uncheck the box "Disable login for this person"
  4. Click Save changes



We also suggest to use a password management tool. It simplifies complex password management. People can set strong passwords and use the tool to organize and store them, so they don't need to remember their passwords. 

Resending the invite/activation email

You can also resend an invite/activation email to a user if the situation calls for it (for example, if an original invite was never received or if a user's contact information has been updated).

NOTE—Generating a new invite email will invalidate any login credentials that were previously sent out to a user.

Resending activation emails.

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