Deleting users

  1. Delete individual users
  2. Delete multiple users via import CSV file
  3. Delete user via SFTP upload

Deleting a user will automatically remove all their Profile attributes except for their name and avatar image (both of which can be manually removed). It will not remove any of their past News Articles, uploaded items, posts, comments or likes. 


Before you get started

In order to delete a user, your must first disable their login. This can be done in the Login and Security section of their Edit User form:


(For more information on disabling logins, which keeps a user's Profile information intact, but just removes their ability to log in to the platform, please see this article)


Deletion alternative

If you want to remove someone from your platform, but do not want to permanently delete all their information, then instead of setting their Login Status to Disabled and then deleting their account, you can set it to Suspended, which will still block them from logging in and being visible in the platform.


Users that have been suspended can still be deleted via the same method as those who have been disabled (see below).

Delete an individual user

Here are the steps to permanently delete a disabled or suspended user and all their data.

  1. Go to the Administration Settings > User Accounts and Data > Delete Disabled or Suspended Users
  2. From the list of disabled/suspended users, check the box next to the user you wish to delete.
  3. Click the Delete button. 


Before you can delete the user, a pop-up window will require you to either:

  • retain the user's name indefinitely and their avatar image for 6 months
  • immediately replace their name with their initials and remove their avatar image.


Delete multiple users

First, you will need to have a CSV file containing a list of the users to delete.  It should have one column, with Username appearing at the top, and the list of Usernames (in email address format) following in the rows below. NOTE—when deleting multiple uses, their name will remain in the system and their avatar image will be removed after 6 months.

After you have prepared the CSV file:

  1. Go to Administration settings > User data to/from other systems > Delete users (CSV)
  2. Select Choose file and select your CSV.
  3. Click Delete users.

 Delete multiple users via SFTP

If you want to automate the process of bulk deleting users via SFTP see here.

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  • 0
    Christine McCormick

    If a contributor has an article that they posted but their account is removed, what will happen?

  • 0

    Hi Christine,

    That author's Articles will persist even after their account is removed.


  • 0
    Aaron Kitto

    Posts do appear to stay in place after contributors are deleted.  

  • 2
    Aaron Kitto

    Why do contributors stay in Jostle after being deleted from a linked Google Account?  Why are contact details from a google domain not kept in Sync with the Jostle contributor details?

  • 0
    Eric DeBenedictis

    Will the contributor's files in the library also remain after the contributor is deleted?

  • 0
    Jostle Team

    Hi Eric

    Yes, if a Contributor is deleted any files that they may have uploaded to LIBRARY will still remain in place.

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