Getting data in and out of Jostle


Jostle uses CSV (Comma-separated Values) files for transferring data into and out of Jostle.  All data is managed through CSV files, with the exception of contributor photos, which are uploaded via a zip file. You can access the various data import and export functions through the Administration settings.

Getting data into Jostle

These articles describe the methods used to import data into Jostle:

  1. Importing Contributors (upload a .csv file containing the data of all the people in your organization that you would like to include in your intranet)
  2. Importing org-structures (use a Reports-to template to import your initial organizational chart structure)
  3. Uploading/downloading Contributor photos (bulk upload all the Profile photos of your Contributors via a user-created .zip file OR download all your current Contributor photo in one .zip file)

Getting data out of Jostle

If you need to export all of your Contributor data (to either save a back up copy, or to change some values and re-import them), do as follows:

  1. Click the Admin Settings link at the bottom of the Main Navigation.
  2. Then go to Bulk manage Contributors > Extract/manage all Contributor data
  3. Click on the blue Extract & manage Contributor data button to download your Contributor data.

NOTE—to download only your Contributors' Profile photos, see the "Uploading/downloading Contributor photos" article, linked above.


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