Administration Settings


Many of your platform's system administration features can be found via the Admin Settings link found next to the gear icon at the bottom of the Main Navigation on the left side of the platform.

This is only visible and enabled for System Administrators. The link takes you to the Administration Settings menu page, while the three dot icon pulls up a shortcut action menu to the most frequently-used features.


Administration Settings is where you can control access to features, configure your company's information, track your platform's statistics, and much more.



The Administration Settings page has been carefully organized to put similar tools together and allow you to quickly and efficiently find what you are looking for.




User Data to/from Other Systems
The tools you need to bulk import and manage your user data.

User Accounts and Data
The options to add/edit/disable/delete a user's Profile and invite new users.

User Profiles
The configuration options for keeping your users organized and their Profile fields up to date.



Filters and Badges
Allows you to create your Org Units, Official Locations, Custom Filters, and Badges for users.

Views and Functions
Includes links to help enable/administrate/manage certain views and functions, including importing Charts into Teams (the Administrative Role settings for each area can be accessed from the gear icon within their respective view).


Manage your platform's login controls




Enable third party integrations like Bonusly and Slack

Here you'll find metrics and activity reports plus login information regarding your users. 

Where you'll find your account information (including your Customer Success contact), as well as options that apply to your entire platform, including assigning System Administrators, displaying your organization's logo and routing your account notifications.

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