How to perform JavaScript CPU profiling


JavaScript CPU Profiling allows us to capture performance metrics from your browser which helps us troubleshoot performance problems.  Before you start profiling, please go to the Jostle login page. Start profiling from the login page and then perform your slow operations. This will help eliminate any unneeded profiling data.

The instructions below outline how to perform CPU profiling and report the results to Jostle using the following browsers:


To open the JavaScript Console within Chrome:

1. Go to the Jostle login page and press the CTRL + SHIFT + J keys together (alternatively you can select More Tools > JavaScript Console from the Chrome menu). 



2. Once the JavaScript Console is opened, click on the overflow menu (three dots) and select More Tools from the first menu and then JavaScript Profiler from the second menu.



3. Next, select Record JavaScript CPU Profile and then click the Start button. You can now begin your slow browser operations. Once you have finished, press the Stop button.



4. Save your results by clicking Save next to "Profile 1" and then send Jostle a copy of these results for our investigation (



To open the JavaScript Console within Firefox,

1. Press the CTRL + SHIFT + K keys together on your keyboard. Alternatively you can select Developer > Web Console from the menu. 

2. On the JavaScript Console, go to the Performance tab and click the Start Recording Performance button to start profiling. You can now being your slow browser operations.




3. Once you have finished your operations, click the Stop Recording Performance button and then Save your results to file. Send a copy of these results to Jostle for our investigation (



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