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Links (which can be custom-named by System Admins) is your platform's links repository. It consists of two sections:

Shared Categories – are where you can find the links used by your organization. System Admins can separate these into Custom categories based on Teams, Locations, or other factors or can make them Org-wide links – available to everyone in your org. The list of Categories is viewable to everyone but only access to those who have permission.

My Categories – Is where you can add and store your Personal links. You can also create your own Categories to help you separate and manage long lists. These links are only viewable and accessible by you.

In addition to being saved, some of these links can also be embedded so that they open in full display within your platform. However, not all content and websites can be embedded. See Restrictions

To embed a link

  1. Click Links in the Main Navigation
  2. On the slide-out panel, open a Category and find a link that you want to embed.
  3. Click on the Action Menu icon next to the link and select "Edit"
  4. On the Edit screen, check the box across from Embed
  5. Click Save at the top of the screen.

Now when you click on that link, it should open it the full view window of your platform.


NOTE—if a link cannot be embedded, the Embed option will be greyed-out with an error message stating why.


 TIP: Forms (i.e. Google Forms, etc) can also be embedded in Links. For an example, go here


Content and websites can only be embedded provided:

  • the URL starts with "https"
  • the site permits iframe editing

When a URL is inspected on our end, it will be not be embeddable if it specifies an X-FRAME-OPTIONS header with value "DENY" or "SAMEORIGIN"

If a URL is embeddable, but the content doesn't appear the way it should, it may be because of the limitations on what we allow (shown below):


embeddedFrame.getElement().setPropertyString("sandbox", "allow-forms allow-popups allow-pointer-lock allow-scripts allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox");


embeddedFrame.getElement().setPropertyString("sandbox", "allow-forms allow-popups allow-pointer-lock allow-scripts");

As embedded content is sandboxed, this may cause some content to not work, especially if it requires the use of cookies.

Embedding an HTML page

Links also supports the embedding of HTML code for orgs that wish to add a custom page to their platform that can then be accessed from their Main Navigation.


  • This feature can only be accessed by System Administrators
  • This feature is only for already-created HTML pages, not for creating new HTML pages


   1. To begin, select "HTML Page" from the Links "+" menu.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 13.43.04.png

   2. On the New HTML page read the guidelines provided, then enter your HTML into the "Code" area.


   3. Complete the rest of the settings on the page, and once you're done, click the Save button at the top of the screen.

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  • 0
    Permanently deleted user

    Hi, how do I enable the embed function when adding links? I can add a link, but can't embed it....Lisa

  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    It depends on the destination site Lisa. If it blocks embedding ("iFraming") then the embed function will not be available.


  • 0
    Debbie Sims

    How do I choose a Dropdown for an Org-Wide Link if I'm not an administrator?


  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    Sorry Debbie, but you cannot. Org-wide links are set by the admin for a consistent experience company wide.


  • 0
    Siobhan Özege

    Is it possible to add an email link? (i.e. mailto: )

  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    Yes links in formats like:work in LINKS view (aka MORE).


  • 0
    Duke Beattie

    How do you create sections / groupings under the Org Wide area of links?


  • 0
    Brad Palmer

    The way to do this today Duke is to use a naming convention in your links and order them accordingly. That is use links like "Sales:CRM".

    Longer term we plan to add Categories that can be targeted using the List Selector, but this is still a ways out.


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