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System Administrators have the option of enabling a geographical location indicator to appear on the Profiles of all their users along with their online status (e.g. "online now in Vancouver"). The location displayed is based on the network topology and there are a few factors that may cause discrepancies or change how it is displayed for some users. 

Same place but different locations

If there is a difference in the location displayed for two people in the same area, or if you show up in a different location depending on how you are accessing your platform, then this is probably due to browser settings. Specifically, whether location services for the browsers being used have been turned on or off.

The example below shows how the same account in the same place can show different locations based on the browsers/settings being used.

Chrome: It has the location allowed, so the system is using the exact location the browser is sending to the app. (e.g. West End)

Firefox: It has the location blocked. The browser is sending to the app the simple one location. (e.g. Vancouver).

Browsers typically prompt the user for permission to share the location prior to sending the data to the app.


Indicator disabled, location still displayed 

If a System Administrator disables the location indicator, online users will see their location removed within minutes. If any users are offline when the feature is disabled, then their last location indicator will remain visible on their Profiles until the next time they log in.

Users can also opt to not show their location when they are online in My Preferences > Online Location Indicator

Mobile Settings

If you are accessing your platform via the mobile app and have your mobile location turned off it will show your status as "Online now". If the location is turned on this will show the location provided by your IP. 

NOTE—if you have the browser and the app open at the same time, the app will show the location used in the browser.

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