Using Search in Discussions


You participated in a chat. Information was shared. You need to reference some of those points. Can't recall which thread this came from? You don't have to resort to skimming through all of your Discussions to find it, you can just use Search to track it down instead.

Using Search in Discussions

  1. From Discussions, click Search at the top of the Main Navigation
  2. On the slide-out Search panel, type in the keyword or terms you're searching for and then hit Enter
  3. The results screen will now be populated with any Discussions that contain comments with a match for your keyword.
  4. Select the one you want to view and that Discussion will open right where the matching word appears.



Multiple keyword matches

If there are multiple keyword matches within a single Discussion, there will be a numerical indication of this in the results. Clicking on a Discussion that indicates multiple matches will then open a window showing each comment where a match appears. Click on the comment you are looking for and you'll be taken to where it appears in the Discussion timeline.



NOTE—Search results will be limited to show only Discussions you have been a participant in.


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