Accessing Library/Google Drive items


NOTE—this article only applies to organizations with G Suite (Google) integration. You can verify if your organization is Google-integrated by navigating to Library and checking for the "Google Drive" link in the top right corner. 


Accessing Google Drive from Library

You can open your Google Drive account straight from Library by clicking on "Google Drive" in the top right hand corner.

This will take you to your Shared With Me > Jostle Library folder, which contains all the documents currently in your Jostle Library and from there you can access the rest of the folders and files in your Google Drive.


Accessing Library items directly from Google Drive

If you want to view any Library documents directly from Google Drive without going through Jostle, you can either Search for it or navigate through the User Interface.


1. Log in to Google Drive with the same username you use to log in to Jostle.

2. In the Search box at the top of Drive, enter "Jostle Library".  This will show you all documents shared with you in your Jostle Library.



User Interface:

1. Log in to Google Drive with the same username you use to log in to Jostle.

2. Select "Shared with me" from the left-hand menu: 


3. Sort the results by Name, which lists folders before files.

4. Double click the "Jostle Library" folder.  All of the items shared with you in Jostle's Library will display. 


NOTE—viewing permissions in Google Drive are locked down to the visibility settings for the Volume in Library .

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