Using Search and Filters in People


The People view provides a powerful and visual way to search for and stay connected with people within your organization. With a unique patented people search technology, Jostle can find people even when you don't know how to spell their name. Auto-tagging makes hidden expertise and skills easy to discover! 




In the section below, we will walk you through how to best utilize Search in People.  

To begin, click on Search at the top of the Main Navigation and then on the slide-out panel, start entering your search term in the field provided.



As you type, a drop down list of potential matching results across all views will appear instantly. If you press the blue enter key, the People results that match your search term will be shown in the main view.

You can use Search to find people based on:

  • Name (e.g. "Michael" or "Johnson")
  • Technical expertise (e.g. "Coding")
  • Geographic location (e.g. "Vancouver")
  • Personal interest (e.g. "Photography")
  • Job role/function (e.g. "Sales Manager")

You can also use People's Filters and Settings panel to get more specific, customized results.

Click the filter icon in the upper right corner to access the available filters, settings, and sorting options. You can use them on their own or in conjunction with your Search results. Either way, what you get is a way to drill-down your results by adding any number of filters, like Location, Org Unit, or your org's own Custom Filter.




To learn more about the all the filtering and sorting options available across all views, refer to this article: Filtering and sorting views


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    Brittany Sipos

    You should also talk about the filter feature here as well!  It's extremely helpful!

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