Internal, External and View Only Contributors


Internal Contributors

Jostle users are generally referred to as Contributors, but there are actual three types of Contributors: Internal, External and View-Only. For the purpose of distinguishing from the latter two types, your organization's regular employees are known as Internal Contributors, but any reference to "Contributors" applies just the same.

External and View-Only Contributors have limitations that Internal Contributors do not and are distinctions meant to be used for people outside of (or not an active part of) your general organization. 


External Contributors

The External Contributor type is designed to be used for people that are not regular employees, such as a trusted consultant, or a contract employee, but who are on a team, in a committee or are in some other way involved with your organization. They will appear in People along with all Contributors, but with one added distinction - a gold triangle Contributor badge  to indicate they are an External Contributor.


External Contributor levels

  • Participating - After creating a profile for an External Contributor, the System Admin sends out an invitation to participate. Upon acceptance, the External Contributor will have the same rights and permissions as regular Contributors.
  • Non-Participating - After creating a profile for an External Contributor, the System Admin does not send out an invitation to participate. These External Contributors will still be shown in People, but just for information purposes and only public information is added to their profiles. This is useful to clarify external members on committees or boards, or in an advisory role.


View Only Contributors

The third type of contributor is the View Only Contributor. View Only Contributors will not appear in People, cannot be searched for or receive email notifications and cannot be added to a Discussion or Direct Message. They do not have permissions to create, comment, post, vote or take any other actions. As the name suggests, they can only view certain content within Jostle. 


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    Hui Huang

    For View Only Contributors, can they see whole people & teams? I would like them not able to see our community people matrix since they are not formally members yet. Will that work?

    For potential members in our community, I would like to allow them to view contents, but also able to "like" them so that I can track whether certain contents work for certain prospects or not. In this case, it looks like I cannot use "view only contributors". Am I able to track view count?

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    Brad Palmer

    View Only Contributors behave exactly like regular Contributors, they just cannot add any content. They cannot Like, Comment, etc., since they are not identified people.

    You can restrict what View Only Contributors can see in the the normal way. For example, you can assign them to a Location and then publish things that only that Location can see.

    There is a pending feature request for a new type of View Only account that includes the ability to Like. It's here:,

    Also note there are also External Contributors. There is a feature request pending relating to restricting what External Contributors can see here:

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