Getting started in News (for Reporters and Editors)


You've joined the team that makes News the go-to place to keep up to day with your organization. If you would like a quick introduction to News, you can check out the video on this page of our website. 

News is managed by both Editors (can manage, edit, and remove anyone's content in News, can set who can post to the Activity feed and can access all News/Activity metrics) and Reporters (can create, edit, and remove their own content and can only access metrics for their own Articles).

To positively impact culture and engagement, it is important to provide a News content that consistently delivers the real time happenings from across your organization. Encourage a mix of content (big and small stories, workplace-related and human interest) and content types (text, photos, videos, polls, embedded content, links).

If you've joined as a News Editor, your role involves not only contributing content to News, but also assisting in its overall strategy and maintenance for News overall.

If you've joined as a News Reporter, your job is to frequently share "small" stories that provide interesting facts, feature fascinating people, or celebrate accomplishments in your part of the company. Let everyone in the company know what your location or department is up to. Delivering these kinds of stories in real-time is much more engaging than only publishing groomed announcements (well-crafted, press-release-like articles). They reflect the human side of your organization and help bring your culture to life.

It's also helpful to get your leadership team involved with News. More about this here.

Both Reporters and Editors can access the "Create new item" menu ("+") and publish any kind of News item:



Should you require additional support please contact us at:

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    Stephanie Lake Sadaka

    This is awesome! :) 

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    Kurt Phillips

    Very cool.  I can't wait to finally get started.

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