Updating your Profile picture


Whether you are on separate floors or thousands of miles apart, Jostle® platform brings connectivity to your organization with a very visual people-centric approach. 


To add or update your Profile picture

  1. Go to your Profile (via your card on the People view or by clicking your name/avatar at the bottom of the Main Navigation)
  2. Click on “Change photo” and upload the picture.


You can also zoom, crop and rotate the Profile photo.



If you don't see the "Change photo" link please contact your System Admin for more information.

For how to update your photo in the mobile app, see our Jostle mobile app guide.


TIP: You can only "change" a Profile photo, so if you want to remove your current photo and have it revert to the default avatar image, just download the image of the avatar below and use it to replace your current photo.





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