Help is where you can find things like the status page, software information, links to our forum and information about your System Admins. Help can be accessed via the Question mark (‘?’) icon located at the bottom of the Main Navigation bar.


In this area you will find:


The "Help" section of Help is where you go if you need assistance with an issue. The available actions here include:

Contact your admin lists your organization's Jostle administrators and helps you get in contact with them through your preferred email client.

Visit Support Center to access the Support Center and its resource of overviews, how-to's, and documentation for all things Jostle.

Report a bug will allow you to report any bugs, glitches or unexpected results you may be experiencing with your intranet.

Contact Customer Success when you have questions or issues that are not bug-related, but still require personal support. Clicking here will connect you via email to Jostle's Customer Success team.

Suggest a feature will bring you to the Support Center where you can review submissions and vote for new features to be added to the platform or submit one of your own.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be used if you wish to review either's full legal documentation.



Information about Jostle software.


Product Updates

Release Notes - highlighting the key new features and improvements included in each system update. 


System Status

Displays real time server status of Jostle and a log of previous incidents which can include outages and software updates. You can Subscribe to Updates in the top right corner.

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